Lilly x Death in Paris

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We caught up with the Youtube sensation, soon-to-be published artist in the coolest neighborhood of London. Shoreditch, Lilly and Death in Paris bags all share one important characteristic. They are all effortlessly cool. Ahlberg’s 12 tattoos and laid-back style speak for themselves, but her exuberant laugh and wide smile offsets brightens up the area around her. It’s difficult to envy someone who just seems to get it in the way Lilly does. The Sweden-born artist seems to have picked up the laid-back but hardworking Australian attitude, where she lived for four years. We look forward to seeing her grow in the industry.

Shoreditch has become the place to be in London, and it began in the 1990s with the rise of street art. A new piece of street art pops up every day in these East London streets. Works can last from a day to a many years, depending on when they’re painted over. Maybe that’s what makes it so special- the beauty of individual pieces are fleeting, but there is a bottomless well of creativity that never ends coloring the neighborhood.

Death in Paris was created in 2013 by Mélusine Tran and Natasha Pulaski. Their signature style is modern, wearable pieces that play with form and function. As they say themselves:

“Unusual material pairings and signature organizational accents are the starting points for our designs as we aim to compliment every day life by minimizing excess…”

Ahlberg, Death-in-Paris and Shoreditch seemed to make the perfect combination. Cool, effortless and creative forces all meeting on the cobbles streets, and captured by IBDshop.

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Death in Paris bag
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