New Year, Same Planet- Take Care Of It

New Year, Same Planet- Let's Take Care Of It

The beginning of a new year gives us a chance to make resolutions, get organized, and prepare for the year head. For the new year, why not change up your resolution from the generic (and generally unattainable) goal of a healthier you and focus on something a little easier, yet impactful?

We often hear about how terrible the fashion industry is on the environment because of wastefulness and pollution from factories, but it’s not like you can just stop buying clothes! New brands are determined to make a change- Everlane recently launched a jean line made in sustainable factories, Reformation makes their insanely trendy clothes in high efficiency facilities with a focus on water conservation and minimizing waste and CO2 emissions, and Looptworks prides themselves on “upcycling”, the act of adding value to a recycled item.

What’s amazing about Looptworks is that not only are the conscious of the effects of product production, but the material is recycled as well. Furthermore, each bag has a story. Some bags came from scraps leftover from belt factories, some were created from old airplane seats, but all have a focus on style and sustainability. Check out their story below!

Interested? Check out a few of their bags below, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Looptworks Felt & Leather Tote Bag
Looptworks Felt & Leather Laptop Sleeve
Looptworks Carry On Crossbody Bag

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