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Elly Nielson is a 20-year-old Danish Girl from Aarhus Denmark. She is currently finishing up her first gap year which she has spent working as an au pair in Perth, Australia and studying at Aarhus Design school. Elly has a love for design and fashion and is always in search of unique pieces to elevate her outfits. Her creativity does not end at fashion though, she DIY's with clothes & furniture and has a passion for drawing and painting.


Lo is a the creator of “Lo & Behold,” a fashion, lifestyle, + travel blog. She is a fashion stylist, consultant, + model that lives in Orlando, FL. You can see more at www.LoBehold.Style


Hi! My name is Natalie, creator of the blog “The more you merlot”. I am a college senior at Purdue University studying Hospitality and Tourism Management. I am obsessed with traveling the world, style and leading a healthy lifestyle. I am Midwest born-&-raised yet have the exploring bug and can't wait to see where my future takes me.


Shanelle is a Canadian lifestyle blogger & content creator who plans to move to Europe in the new year to search for new opportunities. Her blog, thebusyblondie focuses on bringing beautiful places, faces and things to the forefront. She feels inspired by the quirky things that make up everyday life and works to express those views through the exploration of style, travel and photography. Aspiring to be a successful contributor and editor – she has a passion for writing, an eye for the unusual and understands that every brand has a story to tell. Shanelle has never met a dessert she didn’t like, has an ongoing love affair with everything vintage and is always looking to up her eyebrow game. See more here:

Krista Gintere

Mom of two • follower of Christ • teacher • lover of coffee & everything black • travel obsessed • street style, beauty & fitness • made in Latvia • living in FL • Psalms 46:5


I’m a 20 year old Arts & Sciences student entering my final year at UCL. Though I’m currently studying in London, I was born in Malaysia and raised in Shanghai. When I was growing up my summers used to mean travelling to Italy with a book, a journal and (when I was old enough) a camera. They were my companions while my mother’s profession in fashion kept her busy. This honed a love in me for the arts and culture, and piqued an interest in the fashion industry. This has only grown in me. Alongside my studies, I enjoy photographing my friends and creating content that reflects my mood, travels or experiences.